What is Acupuncture? 

Reduced to its simplest, acupuncture is the millenia-old practice of inserting sterile, hair-fine needles at specific points in the body to strengthen, stimulate and relieve symptoms of disease.

It is the most widely used system of medicine on earth and has been used by billions of people over thousands of years.

According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture is an effective method of treatment for a wide range of issues including acute pain, chronic pain, digestive concerns, anxiety, depression, fertility support, skin problems, smoking cessation, weight loss, and many more.

Acupuncture is an ancient technique that promotes your body's natural healing process through the placement of thin, sterile, single use needles into precise acupuncture points. A patient's signs and symptoms determine which points to use. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment. Clinical research continues to prove it's validity and fuel it's growth and acceptance. Acupuncture has none of the toxic side effects associated with pharmaceutical medications.

Tuina massage is a Chinese style of massage that is used alongside acupuncture to treat a wide variety of health complaints. Tuina works along muscles and at specific acupuncture points to relieve pain and stiffness.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, artemesia vulgaris, above the skin. Moxibustion has been used for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system and stimulate blood flow to initiate healing and maintain general health. The heat easily penetrates joints providing relief for arthritis and joint related pain. 

Cupping therapy is a method of using suction to pull or move stagnant fluids and blood out of an injured area.  Either glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin for up to 15 minutes to create the desired effects.  In this simple way cupping reduces pain and relaxes tight painful muscles. Cups are also regularly placed over the lungs to stimulate lung qi and improve lung function.  In this way it works to combat the early symptoms of a cold, stimulate expectoration of phlegm later in a cold and reduce the frequency of asthma attacks.